Scary Mochis Plan an Attack!

Update: The attack was successful, and the scary mochis have taken over the Crown Publishing website!


Now that they have control over the publisher of Super-Scary Mochimochi, what will they do?? Our best guess is that they will insist on more Mochimochi books being published in the future…

See how it all went down on the Crown website!

I just got some intelligence on an eminent Mochimochi attack: the toys in Super-Scary Mochimochi are tired of being stuck in a book, and they’re plotting to take over their publisher Crown!

I’m trying to reason with them, but the tiny zombies are already on the march…


It’s all going down on Twitter on Monday, October 22nd. At this point, all we can do is watch the madness unfold, so follow @mochimochiland, @Crownpublishing, and #MochimochisAttack to monitor the events!

7 thoughts on “Scary Mochis Plan an Attack!

  1. I was wondering why the tiny zombies at our shop were restless…I thought maybe I needed to make their graveyard STAT!!

  2. Anna, could you talk about how you get your tinies to stand up for photos? When I did the Wizard of Oz, they were on a knitted yellow brick road and I stuck pins up through the road and the tinies. But usually I’m trying to work something into the shot to sort of prop them up, heh.

  3. Aimee, I often break toothpicks in half and use one or two suck into the backside of my little guys to prop them up. Often I can angle it so that I don’t need to Photoshop it out later, especially if the mochi already has two legs of its own. Good luck!

  4. Could we let these terrors loose on a certain political party? Like at an R&R rally?

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