Tiny Mochi Buttons Are Here!

Your voices have been heard! Now you can purchase this pack of 1-inch buttons in the shop!


75 or so of you weighed in earlier this month when I asked which tiny characters you’d like to see as buttons, and although I took all of the suggestions into serious consideration (I especially loved the suggestions for multiple themed button collections), it looks like ultimately Vicky was the first person to suggest the exact combination that we ended up with:

Love the burger, zombie and the sushi

(I’d already mentioned in the post that I’d be including the gnome, so that counts as predicting all four!)

So Vicky gets a set of the buttons for free, and for everyone else, they’re now available as a 4-pack for $5 in the Mochimochi Shop! (I think they’d look awesome on your knitting bag, don’t you?)


8 thoughts on “Tiny Mochi Buttons Are Here!

  1. Yes!! Finally!! I’m going to buy a ton of those and but it all over my knitting bag and my school bag!! :DDD

  2. Yay! They would make great little Halloween treats for the ghosties and goblins! Might be a bit late for this year, but it never hurts to be prepared!

  3. So, if I want to buy your books Anna, or something that has to be shipped, does it still come with a free tiny gnome button??

  4. Yes, while my extra supplies last, I’m still including the gnome button as a gift with books and kits!

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