Cavey’s American Cousins

UPDATE: The auction has ended, so I can finally reveal the full design! Prints are also available here.


I’m excited to be a part of the upcoming show Cavey’s American Cousins!


This is a one-night pop-up show featuring custom Caveys, the original character by Holly of A Little Stranger. Holly invited me to create a custom Mochimochi-style Cavey—I bet you can guess where I went with this one…


That’s right, it’s a gnome-ified Cavey! (The full photo will be revealed soon.) This guy is going to be available via a 7-day eBay auction starting this Saturday, November 3rd, and finishing the night of the show. (See the Hey Cavey website for more info and updates.)

I wish I could make it to the one-night show in LA… I hope some of you who are in the area will turn out next Saturday and represent Mochimochi!

3 thoughts on “Cavey’s American Cousins

  1. I don’t get it. Who are Cavies and how long have they been around? Have they become trendy children’s toys or are they known to just an artistic few? Are they sort of like the Hi Kitty toys? It looks like it is a nice compliment to be asked to be part of the show.

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