Don’t Forget to Enter!

The deadline for entries in the 2012 Mochimochi Photo Contest is almost upon us! Be sure to add your photos of Mochimochi knits to our Flickr group by Monday, December 3rd.

If you have some knitted guys you’d like to enter but you’re feeling stumped about the photography, it’s really simple to take a good photo!


It always helps to use indirect natural light, and set your camera on a tripod or something else (like a stack of books) to keep it steady and prevent blurriness. If you’re shooting something tiny, you might want to use the macro setting that’s on many cameras. (It usually looks like a tulip icon.)

I also think it’s helpful to make up a story in your head about what your mochis are doing, so that they can take on a life of their own in your photo. Show them doing something, and not just posing! And don’t be discouraged if your photos don’t look professional—we’re looking for fun and originality more than something that would hang in a gallery.

Good luck! See full contest details.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Enter!

  1. Ooo! That’s great advice Anna! Thanks for sharing, I know nothing about taking photos.. :P and what does the paper on the right do?

  2. The paper on the right is reflecting the light, so that there’s a little bit less shadow on one side of the toys. It’s a trick I learned from my book photographer!

    Of course you don’t have to use a plain background – that’s just the first photo-of-a-photo that I could find.

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