Gnomes vs Snowmen: The Party Platforms

UPDATE: The vote has happened, and the results are in!

Are you voting tomorrow? If you’re in the US, be sure to get to the polls! And then visit us here in Mochimochi Land, because we’re having an election of our own…


It’s gnomes vs snowmen, of course! Which side has your support: the garden party or the frozen chosen? Today we’re outlining their respective platforms, because an informed electorate is essential for an effective democracy. Consider your options carefully, then come back tomorrow and vote for your favorite!


The gnomes of Mochimochi Land hold liberty as their most prized value. Their love of nature and community is a given, but they don’t hesitate to exploit their environment for economic development (and they won’t let an activist snowman or two spoil their plans).


They’re tough on violent crime, but will usually look the other way when it comes to possession of illegal substances (particularly mushrooms). And public nudity would be encouraged in a gnome administration, as long as you kept your hat and beard on.



The snowmen of Mochimochi Land embody the 21st-century progressive spirit. Their biggest concern is global warming: for them, it’s personal! They propose to protect the environment and give the economy a boost by promoting eco-friendly modes of transportation.


Community building is important to the snowmen, and they regularly gather to build new constituents when their numbers dwindle during the warm months. And while these guys may seem like softies, they’re actually rather strong on defense.


There is one thing that both gnomes and snowmen agree on: now is a good time to donate to the Red Cross to help with hurricane relief.

Now that you see where they stand on the issues, be sure to come back tomorrow for our official vote. The future of Mochimochi Land is in your hands!

14 thoughts on “Gnomes vs Snowmen: The Party Platforms

  1. I love the gnomes and snowmen scenes you do!! I always want to see more. :)
    I know who I am voting for………oh, but i’m Canadian, does that matter? :P

  2. Of course everyone is eligible to vote in this election, regardless of age or nationality. You are all honorary citizens of Mochimochi Land!

  3. I think I have to vote for the snowmen, simply because you called them “the frozen chosen.” I didn’t know they were Presbyterian! ;)

  4. I love snowmen so you may know where my vote is. ha, ha. The scenes are beautiful. Love them. Be back tomorrow to vote.

  5. What a cheap political trick by the gnomes, every gnome knows it would be political suicide to come out against facial hair during Movember! ;-)

  6. Jen:

    What a cheap political trick by the gnomes, every gnome knows it would be political suicide to come out against facial hair during Movember! ;-)

    Lol that’s so true!

  7. …And the best part about this election: NO annoying phone calls or Tv ads! Both are fine contenders. :)

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