Win Knit Picks Gift Certificates!

How are your Mochimochi Photo Contest entries coming? Last week I revealed the awesome collection of Potter Craft books that our top US winner will get. (I’m already feeling kinda jealous!) Today I’m giving a big shoot-out to our other big sponsor, Knit Picks!

For the fifth year in a row, Knit Picks is providing gift certificates to the top three winners of our photo contest (regardless of where they live): the first-place winner gets a $50 gift certificate, and the second and third-place winners each get a $10 gift certificate. Knit Picks normally only ships to the US and Canada, but if a winner lives outside the country, I’ve arranged it with Knit Picks so that they can still get their goodies.

I’m sure many of you are already big fans of Knit Picks, but let me tell you what I personally dig about them.

I have a whole drawer full of their fingering-weight Palette yarn, which I use for many of my tiny knits—like the new Tiny Fall collection!


It comes in a huge variety of gorgeous colors, so it’s perfect for picking just the right yarn for a project.

On the opposite end of the size spectrum is Jumbo Gnome, who I made using Knit Picks’ Biggo yarn!


I loved how easy Biggo was to work with and just how soft and happy it felt in my hands.

And my swift and ball winder have helped me wind hundreds of skeins of yarn over the past three years!


Of course that’s just a small bit of what Knit Picks has to offer—check out their website for tons more yarn, needles, books, and their blog and podcast. Then remember to enter our photo contest by December 3rd for a chance to win yourself a gift certificate!

6 thoughts on “Win Knit Picks Gift Certificates!

  1. I LOVE Knit Picks!! I too love to use their Palette for your tiny knits.
    And they definitely ship to Canada, otherwise I would be a much richer individual. :P

  2. Sorry to confuse you, izznknit – you can still win the gift certificates no matter where you live! The way we do it is you can buy stuff off their website, they’ll ship it to me, and then I’ll be the middleman and send it on to you! So it’s actually a rare opportunity for a non-US or Canada knitter to score some great Knit Picks stuff!

  3. Thank you for this big chance. I love Knit Picks product but I can’t buy them because I live in Europe and buying from Kalidou (France) is quite expensive. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!

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