Win this Weird Needle Felting Kit

You’ve been thinking about entering the Mochimochi Photo Contest, but you need that last little push to convince you that it’s worth the effort. May I present this funny Japanese felting kit!


Like the Rilakkuma soap dispenser (which this will go perfectly with), the kit will go to one of the winners of the photo contest! Needle felting is probably a universal language, so I figure the winner will be washing their dishes with quirky new friends in no time.

You have until December 3rd to submit your entries, so photographing your mochis could be a perfect after-Thanksgiving project this weekend! See full contest details.

4 thoughts on “Win this Weird Needle Felting Kit

  1. Does the quality of the photo-like the pixels and stuff- affect your chance of winning? And what kind of cable does you use to connect your camera to a computer? I have a ton of cables for all sorts of things but can’t tell them apart.

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