Honorable Mentions ’12, Group One

John and I have just gone through all 700+ photos entered in the 2012 Mochimochi Photo Contest last night—it was a late night, as you can imagine! I can honestly say that this was the best overall batch in Mochimochi Land history. The photos were bursting with creativity in the form of fun pattern mods, hilarious stories, and imaginative concepts. It sounds cliché, but we love them all and they are all winners to us!

After much hand-wringing and a few tears, we managed to narrow down the photos to 20 honorable mentions and 20 semifinalists. Today and tomorrow we will feature our honorable mentions, in no particular order.

Without further ado, here is our first group of awesome honorable mentions—after the jump!

Cat in a Tree by wooly brain


We love the drama in this image! It’s part of a series, which you can see on the knitter’s Flickr page.

Tiny Hot Dog Man by NoDice


It’s a mini Hot Dog Man! Here’s a close-up shot.

Zombie Santa by kiraknits


We especially love the zombie snowman. More zombie snowmen please!

Uh oh – the leprechauns are after my hooch by Tricia


We couldn’t stop giggling over this one!

Mochi Vacay by gnomadknitter


This little lady really looks like she owns the place!

My Boo Bowtie! by zukeeper


Wearable toys are just the coolest. Great styling too, as they would say on Project Runway.

Molly Mochi: Perspective by pmozell


Another giggler!

Tiny snowmen find a (tiny) friend! by tphillips08


We really like the composition of this one. And the simple snowmen have so much personality!

Cute Fishy by Isabelle Ellenne


Such a cute scene, and a great photo.

Tiny Bear in the Canadian forest by LorysaKnits


This one is a mother-daughter collaboration for a school project, using the Tiny Forest pattern as a base. See the full piece here!

These knitters deserve some applause. Tomorrow we’ll show the next 10 honorable mentions, so be sure to check back!

15 thoughts on “Honorable Mentions ’12, Group One

  1. some of my favorites are here so I can’t wait to see what the semifinalists look like. Most notably I love the gnome and the fish, and the hot dog.

  2. Fantastic photos! If we were voting on these I would vote for the Leprechaun. So darn creative!

  3. What a thrill to be included in such an incredible pool of talent! Congrats to everyone and looking forward to seeing the winning entries!

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