Mochimochi Photo Contest ’12: The Big Vote!

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winners!

The FINAL VOTE is finally here! After much deliberation and lots of help from all of you, we’ve managed to narrow down our 20 semifinalist photos to 11 finalists in the 2012 Mochimochi Photo Contest. We usually have only 10 finalists, but this year there was a virtual tie for that last spot, and John and I just couldn’t eliminate one of them.

Presenting your very worthy candidates!


Which of these, in your opinion, are the cutest, funniest, most original photos of mochimochi toys? Cast your official ballot below! Don’t worry if you can’t pick a single favorite: You can vote for as many photos as you like. The poll will be open through the weekend, and we’ll announce the top three winners on Monday. Stay tuned for the results!

97 thoughts on “Mochimochi Photo Contest ’12: The Big Vote!

  1. I am so beyond thrilled that my “Teamwork” made it the finals!! Good luck to all of the finalists : )

  2. Thanks for letting us vote. Still love the ones I voted for before, Knitman’s and Teamwork. Great to see who will win.

    So much fun to see everyone’s hard work.

  3. Gooooooo Knitman’s Sampler! The competition is fierce, but I just love the idea of opening a box of deeeeeeelicious mochi!!!!

  4. Congratulations to all the finalists! They are all awesome. My vote went to Knitted Sofa. The little plant just kills me :)

  5. It is great to be in the Finals! I would have voted for more, but since you all are my competition, I did not. But if I were going to pick who would join me in the top 3 it would be Teamwork and Raaawrr!

  6. So thrilled to have made it to the finals….no pun intended, really. :P With so many amazing photos I can’t believe we got in.
    Other than my own Thriller of course my votes went to knitted couch(so cool) and the fishing snowman since I loved it the first time I saw it in the Flickr stream a while back.

  7. I’m very honored and deeply touched to have made it to the Final Vote! Thank you so much to everyone who voted!

  8. I love all of these, but my favorites were still very clear. I should make a virtual I Voted sticker for all of us who are voting for our favorite mochimochiland scene.

  9. Teamwork all the way!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the snowmen — I put on my Christmas gifts this year!!

  10. Texas zombiiedillo!!!!!

    Collossally Creative
    Awesomely adorable
    The Most Memorable

    Ride ’em, Zomboy!!!!!

  11. Tiny – I love the idea of a calendar! I have a bunch of other projects planned for this year, but that’s something I’d like to keep in mind for the future for sure!

  12. I love them all! Teamwork was my fave, but everyone did a wonderful job.
    Calendars are an excellent idea :)

  13. I had to decide what I was voting on. The best knitting? The most clever use or adaptation of Tiny patterns? Finally, I decided that it was a photo contest and what I was voting on was the best photo. So it was the snowman fishing, hands down. Best photography by a long shot. Ha ha. I made a pun.

  14. O my gosh, now I need a mochimochiland calendar, great suggestion Tiny!


    Anna, do you think there could be a calendar for the top twelve pictures?

  15. I TRIED to vote for, Gnome Picnic, but they told me that they already counted my vote… it was my FIRST one.
    I’m thinking the other user of this computer voted, also. I’ll have to vote for Gnome Picnic from my other computer, I guess.

  16. team work is absolutely precious!!!!!! their little arms holding up their pals? ADORABLE. wins my vote for sure!

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