2012 Animation Supercut

My new favorite thing to do last year was make animated GIFs, which turned out to be a fun way to make my tiny mochi friends come alive. I made tons of mini stop-motion animations last year, and I thought it would be neat to put my favorites together in a video, complete with an original score by yours truly. (I also recently taught myself how to use GarageBand, so 2013 might be the year of annoying songs.)

I’m looking forward to continuing the mochi motion madness in 2013!

12 thoughts on “2012 Animation Supercut

  1. This is seriously the cutest thing ever! That song was precious with it too! You have some mad skills Anna!!

  2. Completely awesome. Your GIF’s remind that I need to purchase all your mini mochi patterns and kits so I can have some fun too.

  3. It is terrific to see these altogether! I think they’d be great in an advertising campaign for–what? Something quite whimsical, maybe.

  4. There is a free animation soft ware i use called Sam Animation you can add your own voice to it or any other sound, you should give it a try Anna.

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