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Update: Thank you for all the great comments about your favorite NYC icons! The randomly-selected winner has been chosen!

I have some big-city knitting cuteness to share today! Lauren O’Farrell, my fellow designer of strange knitted things, has a new book of patterns out! And it’s set in my favorite city…


A follow-up to Lauren’s 2011 book Stitch London, the new Stitch New York features adorably kooky versions of icons from the Big Apple for you to knit. Like that precious Woody Allen!

And taxis!


I actually had an unexpected role in this book, when Lauren showed up at my Brooklyn apartment and asked me to model some unusual garments on my stoop…


Don’t worry—I have no ambitions of quitting my day job.

The adorable creature with me is Bandit, my sister-in-law Jenna’s dog who was a perfect model for a number of dog costumes (because New Yorkers dress up their dogs for all occasions).


How cute is he!?! It’s bittersweet to see this silly face, because Bandit sadly passed away on January 1st this year, about five months after these photos were taken. He is sorely missed! But it makes me happy that he could be immortalized in hilarious costumes.

Lauren’s publisher David & Charles was nice enough to send me a copy of Stitch New York to give away, so one of you will get a copy! (And I’m sure the rest of you will buy it!) Just leave a comment on this post telling us about your favorite NYC icon. Please leave only one comment per person, and I’ll randomly pick a winner on Friday!


And if you haven’t read it, check out the interview I did with Lauren a couple years back. She’s fascinating!

128 thoughts on “Stitch New York Giveaway

  1. My favorite place and more recent icon of New York is the Highline. Such an incredibly beautiful, unique and inspiring place.

  2. I moved to Brooklyn from Chicago this summer. My favorite icon is the Statue of Liberty. I get such a thrill seeing her from the G train; it’s a reminder that I’m now a New Yorker.

  3. The little lady liberty and the yellow cab are my favorite. My son likes all the items and he wants them all.

  4. Grand Central Station. I commute and every time I walk through it, I always admire the incredible beauty of the building.
    Thanks for the giveaway! Would love to knit some New Yawky stuff!

  5. I loved the London book especially the pigeon knitting pattern. As an British person everything is amazing about new York. I love the statue of liberty

  6. That bulldog is filled with cuteness. My favorite NY icon would be Times Square. I want to see it in person some day!

  7. Omg Bandit was so adorable in that costume! Are those patterns in the book? I may just have to run out and get a copy myself!

  8. I love Times Square. But I feel a deep need to knit that King Kong. Maybe a sky scraper and some tiny air planes to go with it.

  9. Oh I love King Kong – the expression on the tiny lady’s face is amazing, and Kong is just so cute! x

  10. I love the sense of adventure that big cities bring, along with the historical backgrounds they provide.

  11. My favorite would be the globe that was originally part of the 1964 World’s Fair.

    Or any hot dog or pretzel cart.

  12. I love going to the Highline Ballroom for concerts. They have a great dinner/snack menu if you can score a seat at one of the tables!

  13. The Empire State Building. It is a beautiful building and you can always use it as a landmark if you get lost!

  14. the beautiful stoop’s and the gorgeous old buildings. I’ve never been there, but would love to go one day!

  15. It’s not exactly a NYC icon, but I absolutely love the Carroll Street bridge in Brooklyn, so charming!

  16. I love the view from the Empire State Building at night – so pretty. Can’t wait to visit it again this June, would be amazing to whip up one of these cute patterns on the flight over! x

  17. There are so many amazing places to visit in NYC. Central Park is one place I could go every time! What a cute book, I can’t wait to knit up some Taxis!

  18. My favorite New York City icon is Rockefeller center because it’s just so pretty there and great for people watching! The designs in this book look adorable!

  19. My favorite NYC icon? That’s gotta be a hard one. The two I like are the famous yellow taxis and Lady Liberty, of course! If I had to pick, though, then I would pick Lady Liberty. The Whovians DO say that she’s a Weeping Angel, though… *shiver*

  20. I love Central Park, though mostly the times I’ve been to NY I like walking down 5th Avenue at all times of day doing some serious people watching.

  21. My favorite NYC icon is the amazing small off off broadway theatres. And these small small New York Knits!

  22. Lady Liberty. This book is definitely on my list. I live in CO now but lived at West Point, NY for 13yrs. My 2 youngest girls were born in NY and are die hard Rangers and Yankees fans (my husband roots for the BoSox and the Bruins- makes for some fun insults during baseball and hockey seasons), and love NY memorabilia. This Christmas I got my daughter Mary a build your own NYC paper book and she spent her college winter break happily cutting out and assembling such NYC icons as a taxi, hot dog cart and horse-drawn carriage as well as various well known buildings (Flatiron, Rock Ctr) with an exacto knife, sharp scissors, a toothpick and glue. She knits too.

  23. New York icon???
    i guess the underground pipes…..just like in the movies where they walk along a tunnel of water to hide.
    It’s where the real NYC icons are ‘NYC DEPARTMENT OF WATER’

  24. My favorite NYC icon is the Chrysler Building. Just got back from a trip to NYC and it was lots of fun!

  25. Since I cannot enter contests anyway, I just want to say the New York City is the only city I’ve been to that is as large as it is in my imagination.

  26. Hmm. . .I think I have too many favorites. I remember loving to walk around during holiday season to see all the awesome window displays with my family when I was a kid. Seeing a play on Broadway was a super-big deal, too. Maybe I’ll go with the taxis, though. I loved them enough to paint a pair of sneakers to look like checkered cabs when I was in high school.

  27. I love visiting my sister-in-law in the city. The whole island is an icon. But I’m looking forward to knitting that cockroach. That’s too funny, and I know that my sister-in-law is going to enjoy receiving gifts from this book.

  28. My favorite New York icon has always been the Chrysler Building. And also Central Park, but it would be hard to knit a Central Park.

  29. gaaa! too cute. i need to import some knitted NYC glamour (i see you, miss golighlty) to this small German town. times square is the strongest image of the city for me – it’s what really gave me the feeling that the city never sleeps. heck, it never even gets dark there.

  30. The Chrysler Building is an architectural masterpiece, but the best NYC icon is the street hotdogs – although I have yet to eat one! ;-)

  31. The Woody Allen miniature is simply the best! There’s no bigger personality in the Big Apple besides him, and of course I had to choose him, because who wouldn’t pick a man with glasses?!

  32. oh my god! i was flying back from new york yesterday and my flight was delayed so i was looking in a bookshop in the terminal and saw this book! i thought i definitely had to get it because it was new york themed and i didnt think i could find it in cali. i bought the book and was sitting at lunch when i looked at your blog and saw this. i thought it was the coolest thing that you had posted about it and i got the book without even knowing!!!!

  33. This I so CUTE! I love the little lady! I have never been to NYC but I would love to have a little knitted pice of it!!

  34. I don’t live in New York, in fact i live in england, so I had to do a little researching on places to check they are in New York. However, St Patricks cathedral is a great piece of building and such a awesome structure! Definitely St. Pat!

  35. I always give my spare change to the alligators in the sewer. They are using it to bribe the mayor to make alligator purses illegal. So, New York knitted alligators are my favorite icon.

  36. I don’t what would be my favorite. I’ve never gotten to NY yet to visit (hopefully someday!). I LOVE the little taxi cab soo cute!

  37. great idea for a book! i can’t wait to see it in it’s entirety.

    my favorite new york icon is the subway (does that count?).

  38. My favorite icon is the Statue of Liberty. I’ve never been to NY, but I’d love to knit a small piece of it!

  39. The Empire State Building when you go up to the top it is like a melting pot of cultural languages people from all over the world come to stand at the top and take in the amazing views of New York.
    I was lucky enough to go 3 years ago and I talked to a longtime resident of NewYork she told me she remembered it as a child and how you could go up for just a nickel.
    The Empire State Building is one of the 7 wonders of the world and was the tallest in New York for 40 years.Darcy/knottyknitter40 Rav ID

  40. Thank you, everyone, for entering the giveaway! I’m about to choose a winner, so I’m going to cut off the eligible comments at #127.

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