Photos from The Wooly Woods

I’m barely over my jet lag from a return flight from Germany, but I just couldn’t wait to share more photos from The Wooly Woods!


The Wooly Woods was my brief solo show held last week at smallspace gallery in Berlin, as part of the Pictoplasma Festival’s character walk. Even though it was only up for a few days, the festival (plus some nice local news coverage) brought tons of people to the gallery. I couldn’t be happier with how it went, although it’s bittersweet that I’ve had to part with more than half of the pieces.


The show is an imaginary woods from a small corner of Mochimochi Land, inhabited by curious creatures called twiggins, who are discovering their environment and the other animals who live in it.


Magic apple harvesting


Who’s afraid of snails and slugs?


Monkeys love this game!


Let’s conga!


This branch is where all the couples go to make out.


Here, wormy worm!




Monkey tails have all kinds of uses!


Accompanying me on my recent travels was my sister-in-law Jenna, who’s a professional photographer and was nice enough to bring her big fancy camera to Berlin. I’ll post her photos too when I have them!

14 thoughts on “Photos from The Wooly Woods

  1. Oh wow!!! I love your gallery pieces..the world you are able to put together and show so vividly are beyond awesome, everything is so alive. All of the branches are amazing but I think one of my favourites is the sleeping branch.
    Congratulations on a great show and look forward to your next piece. :)

  2. Ah these woods…absolutely brilliant (again)! You infuse such stories into your shows! I agree with the previous poster who said everything is so alive!!! Congrats on another success!

  3. Oh my god is this amazing!! So inspired and inspiring!! This just spreads pure joy and happiness to all who see it!! Thank you SOOO MUCH for sharing with us!!

  4. Ha! That couple’s branch cracked me up. I went to school for a few years in the Himalaya Mountains in India and we had this path near the girls’ housing which we dubbed “lovers lane” and this on this path we would often see monkeys…ummm…doing it in the trees. Your couple’s branch reminded me of lover’s lane!

  5. this is definitely a wood i wouldn’t mind getting lost in. :0) i think my favourite branch might be the one with the mama and babies. i say “might” because it’s difficult to pick a favourite.

  6. Hi Anna! I have all your books, but have one question. In your ‘How To’ Tab, could you include a tutorial on how to attach appendages, such as legs and arms on the Tiny Mochimochi? I want to make the gnome pattern, but couldn’t figure out how to do the legs, which your pattern says to start with. I’d love your help! :)

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