Final Feathers

Is it really the last day of May? I guess that means we need to squeeze in a few more of your bird photos today to finish out the month!

From Salla Ahola, adorable tiny pigeons go on a spring boat trip.


I’m a little worried for the purple bird in the front of the boat, who doesn’t seem to be wearing a life vest! But I guess birds can fly, too, so maybe a spill wouldn’t be a big deal.

Two picnicking squirrels encounter a hummingbird in this sweet scene by Jennifer:


Actually, there’s something very pigeon-like about that hummingbird, although I can’t quite put my finger on it…

And last but not least, FatalsAttraction recreated a haunting scene from a classic Mochimochi horror flick…


Don’t mess around with ghost chickens, I guess!

Thanks again to all of you who entered our Fine Feathered Photo Contest! Whether or not you joined in this time, please keep adding your photos of Mochimochi toys to our Flickr group. They might appear here on the blog, and they’ll automatically be entered in our big annual photo contest in the fall!

4 thoughts on “Final Feathers

  1. Thanks for featuring my squirrels and hummingbird on your website. Participating in the fine feathered photo contest was a blast, and your pigeons are so much fun to make!

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