Talk at Ann Arbor Downtown Library July 14th

I’m excited to announce that my squishy friends and I will be visiting Ann Arbor next month!


I’ll be giving a talk with slideshow and signing books at the downtown library on July 14th, from 2-4 pm. Come learn about how Mochimochi Land came to be and meet some of the characters who live there! (There may even be some super-sneak previews of Huge & Huggable Mochimochi, along with other surprises…)

In addition, I’ll have some of my artwork and other characters on display around town that weekend, so keep your eyes peeled, Ann Arborites!

This will be my first visit to the area, so I hope to see you there if you live nearby. I can’t wait!

Please visit the Ann Arbor District Library website for all the info.

6 thoughts on “Talk at Ann Arbor Downtown Library July 14th

  1. Hi, i have been trying to knit the tiny mochimochis but I just can’t. I follow the instructions asked but I still can’t make one, what is the easiest pattern you have soI could have a chance of making one.

  2. Don’t give up, Helena! Of my free patterns, probably the tiny baby bunnies is the simplest:

    You might try knitting them with thicker yarn (like worsted weight) and bigger needles first. Then once you get the hang of the techniques, you can try it with the finer materials.

    Of my paid patterns, Tiny Panda is a good one to start with:

    Good luck!

  3. I can’t believe I found this on the day AFTER it happened!!! Wahhhh… and here I live just 10 minutes norht of Ann ARbor too!

    I do hope you liked it enough you will consider coming again some time to our area. :) ( week is the famous Ann Arbor Art Fair. IS that too soon? lol)

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