Arcade Mochi: The Sketch

Good news! I’m in the middle of working on new designs for a future book! Not Huge & Huggable Mochimochi, which is coming out October 15th, but something even newer than that. It’s very exciting! The bad news is that while I’m putting most of my creative energy into this project, I can’t really share any of it here, or else I’d have to kill you all.

Instead, I thought it would be fun to share a different knitting project that’s just in its infancy, especially because it’s a challenging design that may take some time. It’s an arcade game!


(You can see that I’ve also had doughnuts on the mind.)

I’m so excited for this project—you’ve got the screen, all the surfaces of the cabinet, plus the joysticks and the coin slots. So much fun detail! And if I’m making an arcade game, it might as well be something specific, so I’m also brainstorming about what kind of game it could be. John suggested Super Mochi Sisters, which might be too awesome not to go with.

Right now I’m still in the sketching stage. but once I’m feeling a little more solid on the direction of this guy, I’ll get started with the knitting. I’ll probably begin with the screen, then I’ll build out the rest of the design based on that, and I’ll try to document my progress here as it comes along. So check back for updates!

7 thoughts on “Arcade Mochi: The Sketch

  1. AWWWWW AN ARCADE MACHINE HOW CUTE! I’d always play on those when I was a kid, even now I still play them! Perhaps you can add a plug-in in the back or have different screens for your machines like saying, “CONTINUE?” with a countdown! or “GAME OVER” and make the machine have a sad face :(
    Can’t wait to hear more about your arcade mochi in the future!

  2. Love the arcade game and John’s name, but have to ask: any chance of a cat doughnut mochimochi? My daughter would flip.

  3. So exciting. I remember going to the arcade and playing pinball, my fav. And pac man… Can’t wait to see your progress and hopefully, a pattern. Good luck and have a blast doing it.

  4. Love your arcade idea! Please make this into a pattern so the rest of us can have the fun of making one for ourselves. The doughnuts are really cute, too.

  5. Oh my goodness Anna, you really don’t ever stop, do you?! I sure hope I can be a part of the testing crew for this round… I really miss knitting up your cuties! It’s been far too long since I jumped into the ring, and I will definitely make time for your adorable work again.

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