Clarinetgirl’s Tera Jocularis

Today’s mixed-up monster is another charmingly rotund beastie!


This colorful character is neither animal nor vegetable. Let’s let his creator, Clarinetgirl, explain:

Terra Jocularis – a small planet from the Large Magellenic Cloud – wanted to be a master of disguise. Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep his costumes straight and got his pumpkin vines mixed in with his cat ears. He has come to Earth to try his hand at comedy.

I think he’s off to a good start with that mustache! Clarinetgirl gets the pattern for Gobbledyghost for sharing her Mix-n-Match monster with us.


Thank you to everyone who’s shared their Super-Scary monsters in our Flickr Group this month! Stay tuned for our big photo contest, to be officially announced soon.

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