Katrosie’s Franken-Hexapus

It’s time for another cool mix-n-match ghoul from our Flickr group!


This is Franken-Hexapus, made by Katrosie71. Like many mixed up monsters, his name is weird and perfect!

While we’re on the subject of mixing, I thought I’d mix it up and send the Tiny Fall pattern collection to this mad knitter!


What combination of body parts will we see next? There’s still time to make your own mix-n-match monster from the menu in Super-Scary Mochimochi. Share a photo in our Flickr group by the end of the month, and you may win a free pattern!

3 thoughts on “Katrosie’s Franken-Hexapus

  1. Anna, I’m so honored that you featured Franken-Hexapus! He is a favorite around here, and it definitely helped that my daughter played the mad scientist by telling me which mix-n-match attributes were her favorites. He was so much fun to knit!!!!

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