At Home in Chicago

I can’t describe how great it feels to be in what feels like a home after two weeks of being in that strange in-between state of transition. Let me show you where I now live and work!


Isn’t it adorable?!? Like in Brooklyn, we’re living in an apartment, so the whole thing isn’t ours, but it’s still way more space than John and I have ever lived in.

Most of the apartment is pretty standard (although we have a kitchen island! such luxury!), but I wanted to at least show off my new office.


You can no longer touch the bed from my desk! The bedroom is a completely different room! I’m feeling so spoiled by this new way of life. (Soupy is trying to claim the office as his own and push me back in the bedroom, but I’m determined to win this one.)

And I now have a little place to put knickknacks!


This calls for the buying of new knickknacks, which I haven’t done in a long time. (I’m headed to Rotofugi soon to do just this.)

And what does Nipsey think of all this?


Nipsey still has his tattered old scratching post, so Nipsey is all good.

Since we’ve been busy getting settled in (and the weather has been COLD), I’ve just barely started exploring my new neighborhood, much less the broader city. So, Chicagoans, I would love any tips or recommendations for favorite places to go, things to do, etc!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your new home & workspace, Anna. I like how your desk looks a little like an upright piano. Hope you are feeling at home in Chicago soon!

  2. Chicago is a wonderful town and a place we love to visit. So much to see and do. Just attack it piece by piece and you’ll find much to love. Great history too.

  3. Welcome to Chicago! It’s a great city with so many things to do. I am really excited that you’re here so I can finally attend some of your workshops.

  4. Art Institute. We were just there on vacation and I already want to go back! Also we had breakfast at a Yolk and it was AMAZING.

  5. Super cute place! Glad you made it safely :) I’ve heard from my parents that it’s COLD, but at least that isn’t too different from what you were used to in NYC.

    Since the weather’s chilly, I’d recommend indulging in a deep dish pizza when you get the chance. My favorite place is Lou Malnati’s – either get a sausage pie (haha, my bf would laugh at me for refusing to call it a pizza) on butter crust, or try the “Lou” which is stuffed with spinach, mushrooms, garlic goodness on butter crust. Delicious! If you’re into popcorn, my favorite popcorn shop is Garrett’s – cheese and caramel popcorn to die for (and you can even get them mixed together called the “Chicago mix”). You’ll have to seek out an Italian Beef sandwich from somewhere, too, lots of choices mm.

    Also, as the holidays draw nearer, it’s really magical to just walk along Michigan Ave and see everything all decorated and/or snowy, and it’s fun to go to Millennium Park to see the Bean sculpture, especially with the city twinkling in its reflection. During the spring/summer months, I’d recommend walking along Lake Shore Drive, especially if you walk out toward the Field Museum/Planetarium/Shedd Aquarium. Great views of the city skyline from out there (perfect for pics)! And the Art Institute (also on Michigan Ave) has some great art – I forget which day of the week is free admission, but it’s fun to take advantage. The suburbs are really accessible by train, too, from union station. If you’re into live music/concerts, I’d check out Ravinia to see who’s coming/playing. And definitely check out the little parts of town – Chinatown, Little Italy, etc. So many food choices and things to explore!

    And now I’m really homesick :)

  6. What a nice, big office!

    You’re just in time for the Christkindlmarket in Daley Plaza.

    In warmer weather I highly recommend the Architecture Boat Tour. Such a great way to see the city and learn the history.

  7. It’s so exciting to have you in Chicago! I hope you’ll have some local events soon! I’m fairly new here (3.5 years) but have already lived in three neighborhoods. On Saturdays I love taking a big walk to a neighborhood I’m less familiar with and just exploring – and eating. Some of my favorites – Hyde Park for Medici, 57th Street Books, University of Chicago stuff, like the carillon; Devon for Sabri Nihari, window shopping and Indian groceries; Chinatown for Lao Beijing and a bubble tea at Joy Yee; Pilsen for Nuevo León or Honky Tonk and an ice at the Jam House; Santullos for a slice of pizza (my mister’s favorite), Edzo’s for burgers, garlic fries and Nutella shakes, and Ben’s Noodles for spicy basil noodles. (I love thinking about Chicago foods.) For great plays, check out the House Theatre (Nutcracker!) and Red Twist. Let me know if you want some more suggestions! It’s a great place to live!

  8. Thank you for the warm welcome, locals! And I really appreciate your recommendations. I’ve had the chance to see a few of the major tourist draws (I’m in love with the Art Institute), but it’s always great to hear about favorite restaurants and places to walk and shop, etc. from people who live here. I only wish the weather were a little more conducive to leisurely strolls through the neighborhoods, but maybe it’ll warm up a bit more before winter really starts…

  9. I just started making your patterns and love them. I was born and raised on the North side of Chicago (many many years ago) and the photo of your house could easily be the one I lived in. Loved it. Now in Vermont, volunteerat Fletcher Farm School (non profit) check out our website. Thanks for the wonderful patterns.

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