Kitschy Christmas Dog Giveaway

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! I’ve been taking some much-needed time away from my computer and spending it instead with family, food, and furry creatures.

Speaking of which, it’s almost the last day of the year, and I’m finding myself with not one but TWO kitschy Christmas dogs from 1940s Japan.


One of these guys is destined to become a late Christmas present for someone I know, but one of them could be yours! I’d love to hear about your favorite thing that you knitted this year. Tell us about your favorite 2013 knitting project by leaving a comment, and I’ll randomly pick a winner on January 3rd.

If I can manage to sit in front of my computer for long enough, I’ll share my favorite project of 2013 tomorrow!

22 thoughts on “Kitschy Christmas Dog Giveaway

  1. It’s kind of a toss-up for me … I really enjoyed designing and making the tiny shoes for my photo contest entry, but the mix-and-match Rubik monster was also a lot of fun, and I still smile a bit when I see him sitting on my bed. I also got the chance to design a personalized diorama/terrarium filled with knitted characters and landscape for an old friend and his new family, which was an unexpected pleasure. Oh yeah, and then there was the random ornament tree in the desert whose whimsy spurred me to make a bunch of ornaments to leave for some similarly-minded stranger …. oh dear, I guess I can’t choose a favorite – I find joy in every project!

  2. I’ve been crocheting for a while but I’m pretty new at knitting. My favorite thing I’ve knitted was actually a bow tie for my Dr. who loving sister! That was almost a year ago so it counts as this year. Though I did make myself a little sweater…vest…thing that is soft and cozy!

  3. i don’t quite know! the Mochimochi bunnies i made were
    really fun little things to make for my little sisters birthday.
    but i think my favorite thing I’ve made this year (of knitting) was a pair of mittens i made the pattern up for. they were pale pink with creme tops and thumbs! the tops look like ice-cream scoops! I’ve thought about knitting a tiny cherry to put on top to add a little more something to them!

    *Alaina .J

  4. I loved everything I’ve knitted this year, especially the Tinys from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi. To be honest, I don’t really know what my favorite is because I have so many that are my favorite! Some of them I really liked are the Tiny Computer, Tiny elephant, and the Tiny Ninja, made from the Tiny Bride and Groom pattern. :)

  5. My favorite project this year was a knit Nativity set, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. The figures are about an inch and a half tall and were a delight to knit.

  6. I had so much fun knitting the tiny chickens. I actually just sat listening to books on tape, knitting more and more of those chickens, until now, I have 57! I’m happy that I’ve gotten time to knit a lot this year. Thank you so much for your amazing patterns!

  7. Definitely the Scruffy Puppy I made for my nephew for Christmas, but the Tardis hat for my niece was a close second!

  8. Mine has to be my first mochimochi which was a tiny cupcake that started my love for all things cute. So Anna thank you for writing all your books and sharing your creativity with everyone.

  9. I love all the tinys that I’ve made this year. I’ve made a tiny Audrey Hepburn for my mom, a tiny Tinkerbell, three multi colored reindeer (which I plan to make more of), a flying pig, a narwhal couple, a pastel-rainbow Bob, a little Iron Man for my mom’s girlfriend, and lots of other things too! Right now I’m working on a tiny Thumbelina! I just need to figure out how I’m going to do all that hair! I also love the fish hat that I made for myself. It’s dark blue and green with entrelac on the middle of it and stripey fins and felt eyes. I named him Basket because he looks like a woven basket and I wear him all the time. I know there’s more that I’ve made but I can’t remember them all. There’s so many!

  10. My favorite project in 2013 was my grey loop cowl. It was one the few things I’ve ever knitted for myself and I wear it so much that I look weird without it.

  11. My favorite 2013 knit was my leftie shawlette. More often than not, I am whipping up a little creation for my girls and it was nice to do something for myself :)

  12. What cute doggies!
    My fave knitting was Colorful Pigs and Chichester pigs (Ravelry). Knitted 5 of each for my 5 grands and was tickled to see how much they enjoyed the big and little piggies.
    Katie V in NC

  13. This year for my secret santa at work, I was inspired to make boot cuffs in LA Lakers colors and with two catchphrases from Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother. I couldn’t intarsia correctly so I duplicate stitched instead and it still came out well. It was a great accomplishment for me to somewhat design my own pattern of boot cuffs, finally a pair of something knitted because I somehow never can complete a pair of anything…

  14. My favorite knitting project of 2013 was Bob! I actually started him in 2012, but on New Years Eve he still didn’t have his back legs! For New Years I dropped my unfinished Bob instead of a ball!:) He got he back legs on a road trip to New York. Bob had a very exiting life in his making! To this day he is still having many adventures and Bob is still my favorite thing that I have ever knitted!:) P.S. My Bob is the Bob from the photo Bob Loves His Tea! in the recent photo contest in the honorable mentions, if any of you would like to see him!:)

  15. I always seem to pick my last project as my favorite! I love them all. I recently finished a drop stitch scarf made out of sock yarn that I dyed. It was quick and easy and I think I will make another. There was no pattern but I think I should at least write down what I did.

  16. Oh no! I haven’t knitting anything, but stumbled upon your blog and I love these!!!! Thanks for the chance (but I didn’t buy anything for Christmas this year, I did a DIY Holiday and made everything)

  17. I have LOVED knitting your tiny gnomes, i have made loads! they are so quick and easy and i am lucky that i have given so many away; otherwise my room would be infested with gnomes! my mind is infested with them, however, as i know the pattern off by heart….

  18. These are so cute! All I can think is KAWAII! I think my fave thing I’ve knitted this year was (or were) the Bobs I made for my friends. I only saw one friend in person so far but she loved her new Bob, she even has one I made for her sister! All the other girls in Sunday School thought they were cute, too!

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