Winners of the 2013 Mochimochi Photo Contest

After hundreds of photos submitted, hundreds of comments on the semifinalists, and hundreds of votes on the finalists, THE RESULTS ARE IN for the 2013 Mochimochi Photo Contest!

But first, we want to thank each of you who participated in our favorite Mochimochi Land tradition. Mochimochi Land wouldn’t be the fun crazy place that it is without the creativity and love that all of you bring to it through your knitting, your photo sharing, and your commenting. You all are the BEST!

Big thanks also go to our sponsors, Knit Picks and Craftsy, for providing great prizes this year! So did my lovely mother-in-law Bonney—thank you, Bonney!

Now let’s celebrate our winners!

We’ll start with our Judge’s Choice Award. This is the photo that didn’t make it into the top three, but that John and I personally think deserves special attention. This year that photo is Snowman Friends by Emily!


We just love the simple charm of this photo. Nice job, Emily!

In third place is the delightful Best Beard Contest by The Happy Cupcake!


Yay!! You win a $10 gift certificate to Knit Picks, a 25% Craftsy discount, a $10 gift card to Mochimochi Land, and these goodies from Bonney Teti’s World’s Biggest Yarn Stash in Wilmot, New Hampshire!


(See more adorable Best Beard Contest photos at The Happy Cupcake’s Flickr page.)

In second place is the cheerful Bird Conga by Bonnie!


Yippee!! You win a $10 gift certificate to Knit Picks, a 50% Craftsy discount, a $10 gift card to Mochimochi Land, and these goodies from Bonney!


(See more rainbow penguin antics at Bonnie’s Flickr page!)

And now for our top winner… it’s Giant Squid Love by Jill Watt!


Woohoo!! And well deserved, Jill! You win a $50 gift certificate to Knit Picks, a free Craftsy class, a $20 gift card to Mochimochi Land, and these goodies from Bonney!


Congratulations to these very clever knitters! And that wraps up the 2013 Mochimochi Photo Contest—thank you again to all who participated!

Feeling inspired? It’s not too early to enter next year’s contest! All photos added to the Mochimochi Friends Flickr group will automatically be entered in the 2014 Mochimochi Photo Contest. And we’re also bringing back our springtime photo series contest, so keep an eye out for that in a few months.

Safe travels and happy holidays, everyone!

10 thoughts on “Winners of the 2013 Mochimochi Photo Contest

  1. Congrats to the winners! I agree with the Judges choice for sure. Sad that the turtle campout is missing :( It was so great to see the creativity that went into this year’s photos. Anna, you always inspire me with the way you inspire others’ creativity!

    Also, freaking hilarious that Jill is getting Sam the Ram, which was one of her first knitting projects ( Hopefully she’ll give this one to me to knit!

  2. Congratulations everybody! All the pictures are really cute. :)
    Oh,and thanks! I’m glad you guys liked my snowmen. :)

  3. I just want to say a big thank you as it is a huge honor to be a finalist for a third year in a row! Everyone had such great photos and knits this year (even if I am partial to my tiny squid attack!) !! Great job everyone! And Merry Christmas!

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