Olympic Squids Take the Gold

If you’re like me, you spent the weekend marveling at the wintry feats (and the occasional icy falls) happening in Sochi. But sometimes the the most interesting Olympic events don’t get any NBC coverage. Like giant squid ice dancing!


Lorna and Jill created this amazing skating squids window display for Nine Rubies, a yarn shop in San Mateo, California. if the pink squid looks familiar, it’s because she was part of the winning entry from last year’s Mochimochi Photo Contest. I’m all for repurposing epic knitting projects!


In the wider shot you can see that there’s more to the display than leggy squids. Russian nesting dolls and snowflakes (cleverly standing in for Olympic rings) complete the dramatic scene. And yes, the little skates are were also custom designed and knitted!


Lorna blogged all about planning and putting together the display—it’s even cooler to see exactly what went into it. So much inspiration! (And I wish I were this good about recording every step that goes into my installations.)


If you’re in Northern California this month, this would be something to see in person! Oh, and the Squidpocalypse pattern is available in Huge & Huggable Mochimochi!

2 thoughts on “Olympic Squids Take the Gold

  1. Anna, thank you so much for sharing the window on your blog–and for crazy cute patterns, as always! I must say, you are, indeed, very good at recording the steps of your process. I guess we all feel we could do better, since there’s SO much we could record. I hope your readers get a chance to come to Nine Rubies. It’s a wonderful destination yarn shop!

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