Tiny Ballerina Kits are Here!


I’m excited to announce that we now have tiny ballerina kits in the Mochimochi Shop! I just couldn’t resist packaging this pattern up as a kit—we needed to get a little lady in the collection!

The kit comes with the pattern and enough yarn (Cascade Heritage, a wool/nylon blend) and stuffing to to knit up three tiny dancers. They make sweet little gift toppers, ornaments, and more. The kit makes a cool gift for fellow knitters too!

The kit is $12 in the shop. (International shipping is available!)

3 thoughts on “Tiny Ballerina Kits are Here!

  1. I purchased this pattern and I have made multiple little ladies in different colors – every time I see her I smile!! She is my favorite tiny knit yet!!

  2. Hi. I wanted to just email you, but I can’t see to find your address!
    I was wondering, do you ever make crochet patterns?

    Thanks! Aubrey

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