Tiny People 2 Patterns Now on Ravelry

This has taken way too long for me to accomplish, but the Tiny People 2 pattern collection is now available via Ravelry!


If you already purchased the patterns and would like to have them in your Ravelry library, just send me a message and include your last name and the email address you used when you made your purchase. That also goes for any patterns that you’ve purchased from my website, by the way!

Why don’t I just offer the patterns on Ravelry as soon as they come out? Whether I sell a pattern via my website or via Ravelry doesn’t make much difference as far as sales go. However, I like to think that Mochimochi Land offers more than just patterns, and so I want to encourage people to visit our own site where they can get inspiration from other people’s projects, see what weird cute stuff I’m obsessing about on the blog, and find out about events and other goings on, like the photo series contest I just announced. (I hope to see some tiny sumo wrestlers and ballerinas in the entries!)

Ravelry has been huge to my life as a knitter and to my business, so I certainly want to spread the love to them too. They get a monthly fee for the pattern sales in my Ravelry shop, and all of my patterns are listed there. (I usually list patterns on Ravelry a month after debuting them here, although I was late with this newest collection). Ravelry is also the only website that I regularly advertise on.

Just a little insight for anyone who might be wondering what’s up with my pattern availability. I leave you with a tiny sumo wrestler battling a giant piece of ebi sushi.