Audrey’s Literary Bromance

Audrey saw my recent call for Huge & Huggable mochi photos, and she and her brother did something a bit more ambitious!

Yes, everyone needs a friend—even giant knitted pencils. I love the way that Audrey used simple props and words to tell this cute and touching story!

The slideshow is impressive on its own, but I would also like to mention that Audrey is 11 years old, which makes it extra impressive. So she gets TWO free patterns for sharing her creativity with us!

Keep sharing photos of your huge mochis in our Flickr group—Everyone whose photo I share on the blog this summer will receive a free pattern of their choice!

4 thoughts on “Audrey’s Literary Bromance

  1. Audrey is my granddaughter. And she is just as wonderful as she seems. Thanx for choosing her!

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