New Mochimochi Classes at VK LIVE Chicago

Update: The “Knit a Tiny Snowman Scene” class has been cancelled. (Sorry!) But the other two are going ahead as planned!

Registration is now open for this October’s Vogue Knitting LIVE Chicago! Last year I got to experience VK Live Chicago as an artist in the gallery (and as a brand-new Chicago resident), and this year I’m slated to teach three classes PLUS have a presence in the art gallery again. It’s going to be quite a weekend!


Check out my class descriptions after the jump.

Teeny-Tiny Toy Knitting
Take quick and simple knitting to the extreme by learning to knit mini toys no bigger than a peanut. We’ll cover the basic techniques to knit an adorable tiny gnome: using double-pointed needles to make small shapes, I-cord, and simple embroidery. The finished projects make fun jewelry, ornaments, gift toppers, and more!
Level: Intermediate (experience with double-pointed needles is recommended)
Length: 3 hours
Supplies: Set of 5-inch size 1 US (2.25mm) double-pointed needles, small tapestry needle
Materials fee: $6

Design your own knitted toy
Design a knitted doll, animal, or other character that is all your own! Anna Hrachovec will share the inspiration and process behind the hundreds of mochis that she’s designed over the years, then the group will discuss how to turn a sketch into a plan and a pattern. Emphasis will be on 3-dimensional designs using simple geometry and a variety of techniques.
Level: Intermediate (experience with circular knitting is recommended)
Length: 3 hours
Supplies: Participants should come with rough sketches for two toys, paper and pencil

Knit a Tiny Snowman Scene
Snowmen are more than frozen statues—they can melt, have snowball fights, and even build other snowmen! Participants will be guided in knitting a simple tiny snowman using double-pointed needles, and everyone will be encouraged to take the project in unexpected directions using simple pattern modifications and embellishment. A fun way to get started on holiday ornaments or a whole tabletop scene!
Level: Intermediate (experience with double-pointed needles is recommended)
Length: 3 hours
Supplies: Yarn in any weight (white, blue, black, and 2-3 other colors are recommended), a set of double-pointed needles (2-3 sizes smaller than the size listed on the yarn label), and small tapestry needle. (Stuffing will be provided.)
Materials fee: $1

Vogue Knitting LIVE Chicago is happening October 23-26 at the Palmer House Hilton downtown. Check out all of the classes on offer and sign up at the VK LIVE website!

3 thoughts on “New Mochimochi Classes at VK LIVE Chicago

  1. Will you try to come to Boston? I live south of Boston and I’m only 10 so I can’t drive;) but I would love to attend one of your classes!!

  2. I would love to teach in Boston sometime! I’ll definitely post an announcement here if I have upcoming plans to do so.

  3. I see that somebody has already beat me to asking, but I live in Massachusetts as well, and I would be so happy to be able to meet you and take one of your classes! Boston is still a bit far for me, but if it’s not too much trouble for you to come to Hampshire County some time, that would be lovely. Thank you so much!

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