Winners of the 2014 Mochimochi Photo Series Contest

Exciting day! It’s time to announce the winners of our 2014 Mochimochi Photo Series Contest!


First, I want to again thank everyone who participated in the contest. We were really impressed by the funny, sometimes touching, and all very creative stories that you put together with your mochis!

And a big thank-you goes to our contest sponsor, Happy Go Lucky, for beautiful prizes of mini skeinbows! If you haven’t yet, please check out the Happy Go Lucky shop, and also the interview I did with Julie Lindsey, the awesome lady behind the yarn.

And now for the top three winners, as selected by John and myself. (It’s a hard job, but at least there were no tears this time.)

See the winning entries after the jump!

Our third place winner:

Toast Man! by Knit Mermaid






We are wowed by this dramatic origin story and the fun design used in the images. (The Toaster Ghost pattern can be found in Super-Scary Mochimochi.) Knit Mermaid wins a 6-skein Mini Skeinbow in brights!


Our second place winner:

Breaking Cat by Woollenwilderness


Breaking Cat; the adventures of Walter Whiskers


Walter Whiskers, an ordinary chemistry teacher


An unfortunate diagnosis


The hospital bills keep piling up, there seems to be no other way than turn to crime


No other option than to deal catnip


Hurray, money!

Everything about this entry (which included toys made from patterns for Stackable Cats, Tiny Pets, Gun Shy, and more) made it an instant favorite of ours. (If only the TV show had had such a happy ending!) Woollenwilderness wins two Mini Skeinbows in brights and lights!


And finally, our first place winner:

Robot Launch by The Happy Cupcake


It’s another day for this Robot Henchman assembly plant.


After a tune up from Dr. Knitta, the robots are stored in bunkers…


…In preparation for the Doctor’s world seizure and domination plot.


The time to push the button and launch robot-laden parachutes of destruction is almost upon us!


The time is now! Alarms are blaring! The button must be pushed! But where is Dr. Knitta going?!


He thought it said LUNCH, not LAUNCH! The world has been saved by a simple misunderstanding- and an empty stomach!

We loved how this knitter went above and beyond with the adorable mods (from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi), the sets, the lighting, and the surprise ending. The Happy Cupcake wins three Mini Skeinbows in brights, lights, and muted!


I hope everyone who entered had great fun making their mochis go on adventures! Although these three series took the cake for us, there were many other wonderful entries, all of which you can see in our Flickr group.

And just because the contest is over doesn’t mean we don’t want your photos! Please continue to share your photos of Mochimochi knits in the Flickr group. We’ll have another big photo contest in the fall, and all photos uploaded until then will be eligible!

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  1. Winners, I’ve just sent you each a message via Flickr asking for your mailing address.

  2. Amazing! Knitters are really going crazy with these!!

    Now I have to start plotting for the next contest…

  3. Ohmigosh, I LOVE these! I’m dying over here from the cute and the funny. I hope y’all enjoy the mini-skeins! <3

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