Schneck Lecker Gummy Snails

I discovered a new favorite candy this weekend! Schneck Lecker are gummy snails made by Haribo, and they are both weird and delicious (in a weird kind of way).


I was really hoping that schneck lecker meant “snail licker,” especially since we see several little snaily tongues on the packaging. But Google Translate tells me that it just means “delicious snails.” (Still, I’d say they’re pretty lickable, so in my own head they’ll always be “snail lickers.”) Update: Several people have informed me that yes, it actually can mean “snail licker, if you write it a bit differently!”

The snails’ bodies are made of gummy foam, and the shells are regular transparent gummy (sorry, I don’t know the technical gummy terms). Haribo combines these two gummy types in many of their candies, but I’ve never seen the foam-to-regular-gummy ratio be so high, which makes these snails unique among gummies.

Also, they have cute little heads, complete with eye stalks and a nose.


After I tried the first one, I had to play with the others and take photos for a while before they all went into my mouth.


Wouldn’t these be fun toppers on a garden-themed birthday cake? If you can’t find them at your local European foods store, you can find them online from Euro Food Imports.

I’ll also take this snail-themed post as an opportunity to remind you that I have a free pattern for wooly snails and slugs. (Less delicious, but fewer calories!)

10 thoughts on “Schneck Lecker Gummy Snails

  1. Gosh, looks like they’re huge (for gummy candies anyway!) I love Haribo, so I think I’ll have to check these out. Also, now I have a craving something fierce for Schnecken (German sticky cinnamon rolls) … at least that particular craving I can take care of with a few hours in the kitchen :)

  2. Ooh we have similar sweets in Lidl here and I’m totally craving them now! Haribo do make the best sweets ever tho :)

  3. Adorable ! I’ve seen them, but wasn’t sure & now with your recommdation, I’m gonna get some. Also, Anna, I’ve wanted to thank your generous heart in offering little Gifties, such as the snail pattern.

    Warmest appreciation and admiration,
    Becki Coffman

  4. Google translate Whas right, I’m from Denmark, and speak German, and lecker means delicious :)

  5. Also sounds a lot to me like “schmeckt lecker” which is German for “tastes delicious!” so maybe it’s kind of a pun?

  6. i hate to be party pooper, but aren’t you vegetarian? these (and sadly most haribo gummies) have gelatin in them, which is made from animal bones.

    if you’re not vegetarian, have at it, but i thought you might want to know.

  7. Yep, I’m generally a vegetarian, but I do like to have at the gummies just the same. My other non-veg indulgence is a really good French onion soup.

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