The Bulletin Board

As of Friday, I’m the proud owner of a new bulletin board!


This is actually my first-ever bulletin board. I was getting tired of all the loose papers and other small things that I’m constantly shifting around on my desk (for like the past six years), and recently it dawned on me that I could mount all of this flotsam vertically on the wall. Obviously that hasn’t happened in full yet, but I’m mighty pleased with my progress. I have the notion that people with bulletin boards get stuff done and are never far from new inspiration, so there are a lot of high hopes contained in this piece of cork and wood.

Also, I’m not so experienced with drilling holes into walls, so getting this baby up was an exercise in using power tools. It turns out that drilling through drywall makes me feel like a real can-do lady.

We have tons more stuff that we still need to put on our walls—it’s been 9 months since we moved, so it seems like about time to get on that—but at least this is a start!

6 thoughts on “The Bulletin Board

  1. I love that your first post on the new board is the Knit Picks Palette color guide. Knit on!

  2. I was psyched when I saw it in the catalog! (Maybe it’s been there a long time, but I only noticed it recently.)

  3. Yes! I finally got myself a desk and a chair. Makes sewing organs so much easier. Next up is a pegboard. I have these cute small metal pails that I want to hang from the pegboard so I can fill them with safety eyes, name tape and those small odds and ends that come with making stuff.

  4. I have the KnitPicks Palette color guide on my bulletin board too. I wish I could go ahead and order one of every color.

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