Biggest Twig Update

Back in June I started work on what would be the biggest twig to date in the Wooly Woods, my ongoing art project that explores the more forested regions of Mochimochi Land.

Here’s what it looked like after a few days’ work.


And here is the fully wrapped big twig, two months later!


Also, here is what I spent those two months looking like, from the twig’s perspective.


Hunched over in concentration is not the most flattering angle for me, as it turns out.

The twiggins who will live in this piece of the Wooly Woods are underway as well.


And now comes the fun part: playing around with the pieces to find the right positions for the creatures and inventing the trouble that they’re getting into, which will include more characters and woodsy elements.

The plan is for this piece and others from my show last year to be on display at Vogue Knitting LIVE in Chicago in October—which I guess is next month!—so I’m feeling good about the progress for that. If you’re thinking of attending, the event is open for registration (and I’ll also be teaching some classes there).

5 thoughts on “Biggest Twig Update

  1. Not anytime soon, but it’s a simple oval shape with I-cords for the arms, legs, and horns. You’re welcome to make your own version!

  2. Leslie: Sorry, somehow I missed your question the first time!

    Not sure if you mean peel themselves off, or peel the wool off—either way, I stitch them on there really well (that’s why I leave the tails on their arms and legs), so hopefully no wool is going anywhere!

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