Announcing the 2014 Mochimochi Photo (and Video!) Contest

Update: Congratulations to the winners!


Sharpen your needles and charge your cameras: It’s now officially time to enter the 8th annual Mochimochi Photo Contest!

Once again, we’re looking for the cutest, funniest, most interesting photos of Mochimochi Land toys. All you have to do to enter is upload your photo(s) to the Mochimochi Friends group on Flickr by Monday, December 1st.

This year we also have an exciting new category: VIDEOS starring your mochis! See below on how to enter your videos in the contest.

Winners will receive awesome prizes from our generous sponsors Knit Picks and Milk+Honey, gift certificates to the Mochimochi Shop, PLUS vintage knitting kits from Bonney Teti, my mother-in-law and owner of the world’s biggest yarn stash!



This contest is open to knitters worldwide. To be eligible, your photo or video must contain at least one knitted toy made from a Mochimochi Land pattern. This can be a pattern from the Mochimochi Shop, a pattern from one of the Mochimochi books, or one of the free patterns on the Mochimochi Blog. The pattern may be modified, but not beyond recognition from the original design. (The use of Photoshop is permitted, and other characters, including other knitted toys, are welcome to appear in your photo or video too!)

Note that we’re looking for humor, cuteness, and originality—not necessarily the most professional-looking photos and videos. We want everyone to enter!

How to enter

PHOTOS: Simply upload your photo(s) to the Mochimochi Friends Flickr group. If you don’t have a Flickr account, it is free and easy to register (though we recommend signing up as soon as possible, because it takes a little time for your account to be approved for sharing photos in a group). You can enter as many photos as you want, within reason. (A series of photos is great, but each photo will be judged individually. We focus on series in our spring contest!)

All photos uploaded since the deadline of the 2013 photo contest last year—with the exception of those entered in our springtime contest—are already entered in this year’s contest!

VIDEOS: First, upload your video to any public video sharing site (like Youtube or Vimeo). Then email us at info [at] mochimochiland [dot] com with with subject line VIDEO ENTRY, and include a link to your video. Please do not send the video as an attachment. The length of your video can be really short (just a few seconds) or up to around 5 minutes long. You can enter as many videos as you like, within reason.


The last day to enter the contest is December 1st, 2014. We’ll announce the semi-finalist photos shortly thereafter here on the blog, then everyone will be able to vote for their favorites! So be sure to check the blog in mid-December.

Since this is our first year for the video category, those entries will be judged by us instead of popular vote.


The first place photo prize will include a Candy Rainbow Yarn Sampler from Knit Picks (pictured above—perfect for tiny mochi knitting!), a gift bag and two additional lotion bars from Milk+Honey, a $20 gift certificate to the Mochimochi Shop, and a vintage knitting kit from Bonney Teti’s giant yarn stash.

Second place photo prize will include a $10 gift certificate to Knit Picks, a gift set and additional lotion bar from Milk+Honey, a $10 gift certificate to Mochimochi Land, and kit from Bonney.

Third place photo prize will include a $10 gift certificate to Knit Picks, a gift set from Milk+Honey, a $10 gift certificate to Mochimochi Land, and a kit from Bonney.

The video category prize will remain a surprise for now… but trust that it’s going to be good!

Update: The video prize will be 10 tiny mochi kits!

Needles ready? Yarn set? GO!

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  1. Yes, Molly, you can enter! I don’t know what kind of policies Flickr or YouTube might have, but if you can’t upload your photo/video yourself, you can also have a parent or other adult do it on your behalf.

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