Super-Scary Mochimochi is Half Off this Month


Good news for anyone who needs to knit up lots of beasties this month: Super-Scary Mochimochi is an entire HALF OFF the original price in the Mochimochi Shop! The book contains more than 20 patterns for old-school ghouls, creepy crawlies, and some bizarre new species, including the most terrifying of appliances gone awry, Toaster Ghost.


The sale ends October 31st. Oh, and all of these books are signed by me!

3 thoughts on “Super-Scary Mochimochi is Half Off this Month

  1. Do you have a special trick for threading the i-cord arms and legs through tiny patterns? It’s just really difficult to get it through sometimes…x

  2. There are a couple of things you can try.

    First, maybe you’re stuffing your body piece to tightly—the stuffing should be squishy and not too dense.

    And if you’re using cotton or wool or anything else but polyester stuffing, that’s going to make it difficult too—I recommend using the slipperiest-feeling polyfil that you can find.

    And lastly, make sure that you’re not splitting the stitches on the body piece. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries, but if you work the needle through slowly, you should be able to get the I-cord to go through.

    Hope that helps!

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