Tiny Mochis Now Available at Rotofugi

I’m so excited to announce that a selection of tiny mochis hand-knitted by yours truly are now available at Rotofugi, the designer toy store and gallery in Chicago!


Rotofugi features toys and artwork by many of my favorite artists (like Mr. Clement, Shawnimals, and Heidi Kenney, to name a few), so it’s a big honor to have a small place among them. When I returned on Friday after dropping them off on Wednesday, I was psyched to find my tiny gnomes, vikings, owls, and pandas right next to Chris Uphues’s awesome heart figurines.


It’s never been my aim to produce tons of mochis for sale, but instead I like to have a small selection available at venues that I’m personally excited about, and Rotofugi is one of those. But if you live far from Chicago, you can also find some hand-knit mochis in my shop, which I’ve just updated with more designs!

3 thoughts on “Tiny Mochis Now Available at Rotofugi

  1. There is a cute shop that would perfect for ur mochis. It is in Hingam next to… a yarn shop. Im not sure if they would let you sell your mochis there though. Its perfect… but i dont know.

  2. Hm, interesting, June. Well, if you would like to pass along my website to them next time you’re at that shop, that would be cool!

    Dad: no armadillos. They’re a little too time-intensive to sell at a low price.

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