The Half-Off Holiday

What’s sadder than this small Thanksgiving display at Michaels, with everything 50% off way before Thanksgiving has even arrived?


Maybe only the other side of this display.


Browner, messier, and even more half off.

I first noticed Michaels’ sad Thanksgiving display before Halloween, when it was also discounted. (It may have been 40% off then, but I can’t remember.) Clearly Thanksgiving is less fun for retailers than the other major holidays, and that’s one more reason to like this holiday. Brown and orange and yellow just haven’t been cool in a mainstream way for a few decades, so if you want a Thanksgiving-themed sweatshirt or an elaborate fall centerpiece, you’re going to have to actually get creative.

I’ll admit that I’m not working on any Thanksgiving projects this year—I’m just looking forward to a few days with my extended family—but this has me wondering how many of you are out there making any Thanksgiving crafts this year. Can we have a show of hand turkeys?

4 thoughts on “The Half-Off Holiday

  1. Sadly, I think Thanksgiving is becoming a throwaway holiday. What could be better than spending time with family and friends, football and not least of all, delicious food!! People are really missing the mark. Stay home and get to know your family again!!

  2. I do hand turkey “thankful” books with my boys. We’ve done some acorn and pecan gathering for a little bit of interior decor. And I actually might stop by our Michael’s today if I can get some crafts for them to do on Wednesday and Thursday. I love the spirit of taking time to reflect and be thankful.

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