Win a Rainbow of Yarn from Knit Picks

OK mochi makers, you now have two weeks and some change to enter our annual photo and video contest! Now, why would you take precious time out of your busy November schedule to create a visual masterpiece* with your toys? Because it’s really fun, and it’s a great way to be a part of the Mochimochi community, and also because this:


This year our top photo winner will receive a Candy Rainbow Yarn Sampler from Knit Picks! With TWENTY balls of candy-colored Palette yarn, you could make 400 tiny mochis and still have enough left over to knit tiny sweaters for them all. (Please, whoever wins, do this!)

Our second and third place winners will also each receive $10 gift certificates to Knit Picks, which can go a long way there!

I’ve expressed my love for Knit Picks here many times, and I’m so happy to have them back as a sponsor. If you’re not familiar with them, Knit Picks is a website that sells a huge variety of yarn, needles, patterns (including patterns by indie designers—who receive all profits!), and basically all the tools you’d ever need for knitting. I’ve used and loved many of their yarns, but my favorite will probably always be the fingering-weight Palette yarn. Whenever anyone asks me what yarn to use with my tiny mochi patterns, I always suggest Knit Picks Palette as a great one to start with because it’s affordable, it feels nice to use, and it comes in soooo many pretty colors. Here’s one of my TWO drawers devoted to Palette.


And as several of you noticed when I shared a photo of my new bulletin board earlier this year, it prominently features the catalog open to the Palette page for easy reference.


Normally, Knit Picks only ships to the US and Canada, but because our photo contest is open to everyone worldwide, we’ve arranged it so that even winners who live outside of North America can receive prizes. So this is a great opportunity for those of you in far off lands to nab some Knit Picks goodies.

Thank you to Knit Picks for being our awesome returning sponsor!

* If my use of the word “masterpiece” intimidates you, please know I was using it facetiously.

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  1. What are some good colors to buy to make a good range of tiny mochis? White, black, light gray, yellow, red, grass green, forest green, sky blue, navy, tan/taupe, brown? If picking from Palette, which 10-20 colors that would be the most useful?

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