Photo Contest ’14: The Big Vote!

Update: Congratulations to the winners!

It’s voting day in Mochimochi Land! After much deliberation, John and I have selected 15 finalists from the hundreds of photos entered in the 8th Annual Mochimochi Photo Contest.

Presenting your top 15 photos!


Which of these, in your opinion, are the cutest, funniest, most original photos of Mochimochi toys? Cast your ballot below! To help make things fair, we’re asking that everyone please vote only one time, but PLEASE VOTE FOR AT LEAST TWO PHOTOS. You can vote for even more—as many as you like!

The poll will be open through this weekend, and we’ll announce the top three winners, along with the top video winner (selected by us), on Tuesday, December 16th. Be sure to return for the results!


25 thoughts on “Photo Contest ’14: The Big Vote!

  1. Congratulations to all of the finalists! The little bird in hand, dim sum, the burger and the dinosaur all got my votes. Very cute and clever.

  2. Thank you so much for selecting my Turtles! Congrats to the other finalists, as well!

    Beauty and the Beast is amazing. I can’t get over the detail. The Chickadee, Elephants, Bird Nest, and Hello Kitty are all fantastic, too!

  3. What a great group of pics!!! I really love the “How Many Elephants” and “Fancy Meeting You Here.” :)

  4. I can’t see where to actually submit my choices. My favorites are Chickadee, Chickens and Elephants.

  5. Great job by all! Very creative and entertaining, plus educational, too. For example, I never knew turtles good build a snowman, or that elephants could change light bulbs.

  6. Thank you for selecting my Hello Kitty photo, lovely work by everyone and good luck finalists : )

  7. Everyone is so creative! The Beauty and the Beast detailing is breath-taking. The Elephants and Snow Turtles are my other favorites…so adorable! Love getting inspired by such talented knitters in Mochimochiland :)

  8. Teeny Cupcake Dancer’s makes me feel “there’s a party going on” dance the night away! I admire the patience & talent needed to create these “little yarn people”!

  9. Special congratulations to the finalists. And congratulations to each person who completed a project and submitted a photo or video. I have special admiration for doers.

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