Suzy’s Advice Gnome

Today we’re featuring more video entries from our recent photo + video contest! I’m happy that we added this category—we discovered that many of you are already making really fun videos, and we also heard from several people that it was their first time to make an animation (or any kind of video at all). Yay for trying new things!

We’ll be featuring a few videos today, a few tomorrow, and probably a few between Christmas and the new year. Although these didn’t win in the photo/video contest, we’re nevertheless excited about them and eager to share them here!

Our first video of the day comes with a little explanation from the knitter:

The story behind my video is that I started knitting Teeny Tiny Mochimochi for my daughter who started her first year of college at the University of Vermont – 10 hours away from home in Maryland. I sent her off to school with gnomes wearing UVM colors of green and gold. I made one with a loop at the end of his hat and she carries him with her everyday along with her school ID.

Worried that I hadn’t also sent her off with every important bit of motherly advice for being off on her own, I started texting her. I quickly realized that she wasn’t any more interested in my helpful reminders long distance than she had been in person. That’s when the Advice Gnome arrived on the scene.

Who can resist the sage advice of a tiny Gnome? The Advice Gnome starting sending her regular reminders, words of wisdom and messages of love. While I am sure she hasn’t always heeded his advice, I know that she has at least heard him out.

What a fun way to give practical advice to one you love!