Rebecca’s Legs the Penguin

Speaking of Vogue Knitting LIVE, Rebecca took my toy design class at the October VK LIVE in Chicago, and she just sent me an update about her new toy, which is finished!


This is Legs the Penguin. Isn’t he funny? And good news: Rebecca is sharing him as a free pattern on her website ChemKnits!

Legs isn’t the first toy that Rebecca has designed—in fact, she has quite a lot of patterns to her name. I hope the VK LIVE workshop opened up some new ideas for her. I also love how Rebecca is an actual biochemist, and still she chooses to spend her spare time designing a googly-eyed penguin with extra long legs.

If anyone else from that design class is reading this: you are all late with your homework! But really, I’m always interested in talking about toy design. There are just so many different approaches to it, and the possibilities are endless. If you’ve thought about designing a toy before but haven’t actually done it yet, why not get started today? Just start somewhere and see how it goes!

5 thoughts on “Rebecca’s Legs the Penguin

  1. Thanks for sharing my design! Your class gave me a TON of inspiration. If any of you have a chance to take a class with Anna you absolutely should!

  2. Very cute!!!
    I would love to take your design class Anna! Any chance of an online option in the future? ;)

  3. I’ve really enjoyed doing the toy design class in person, since we spend most of the time looking at each other’s sketches and swapping ideas and suggestions, but it could probably work online too. So that’s certainly a possibility down the line.

    I feel weird putting this in writing, but I’m thinking I might not teach any classes for the foreseeable future. Not because I don’t enjoy it, but I enjoy other aspects of my job more, and I would rather interact with knitters in a less formal way, like at trunk shows and talks and events like VK LIVE. But that’s not to say that I won’t return to it at some point.

  4. Just cos we’re scientists doesn’t mean we don’t like to create odd cute creatures. I’m a research chemist who loves to knit dinosaurs and animals in my spare time, it’s lovely to turn off the scientist brain and engage creative brain outside of work/ on lunch breaks/ whilst waiting for reactions to do their thing :)

  5. Being able to brainstorm in person would definitely be more inspiring! :D
    I completely understand, there will always be things we enjoy more to do even if we love them all in their own ways. :)

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