Sheila’s “Think Spring” Bunnies

Sheila (QueenofSheeba on Ravelry) is a knitter who frequently embodies the Mochimochi spirit by spreading little bits of happiness wherever she goes. For her latest project, the happiness comes in the form of tiny bunnies with messages of spring for the embattled citizens of New England, who have been dealing with unprecedented amounts of snow recently.


Here’s what Sheila says in her project description on Ravelry:

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Much like the rest of the Northeast my little patch of Maine has been inundated with snow and it just keeps coming! All you hear is “No more snow!” “Please make it stop!” “U-N-C-L-E ALREADY!!!” That’s just me! Hehehe. Of course I am hearing the same desperate cries everywhere I go SO, I decided to start the “Think Spring” movement. Maybe, juuuuuust maybe, if enough of us thing positive thoughts spring will come about sooner. As I said, things are getting desperate!

The big batch of bunnies goes to the folks at the local library. The others will randomly be given to those in need-hehehe. I figure it can’t hurt and might make folks smile in between the snowflakes…

Sure, little knitted bunnies in plastic eggs are silly, but I have no doubt that they are just what some people need right now. There’s a whole Tiny Bunny Movement based on this idea, in fact! Check out their Ravelry group, and use my free pattern to scatter little bunny-snapped seeds of happiness yourself.


2 thoughts on “Sheila’s “Think Spring” Bunnies

  1. Hahahahaha-you are too funny! What a surprise to hop on the blog and already be there. Think I passed myself in the hall… Looks like I’m going to need to get more eggs now that the word is out! :o) Keep warm and keep smiling!

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