Project Gnome Diplomacy

Update: The Gnomes are now carrying out their mission in the city of Seoul!

Update: Congratulations to John for winning the big box of fun from Seoul!

Update: Thank you for 333 gnomes for Project Gnome Diplomacy! They are now on exhibit at Everyday Mooonday in Seoul through June 22nd!

Update: Check out all the arriving gnomes on Instagram!

Earlier this week I shared the giant gnome that I’m working on for an upcoming art show in Seoul. Now I have an announcement about a group project for the same show that I hope all of you will take part in!


Mochimochi Land is going to Korea in May, and we want YOUR tiny gnomes to be our ambassadors! In the spirit of craft and community, these gnomes will be unique creations gathered together in a delightfully diverse group of beards and hats for the public to see and be inspired by. They will be part of an art project for a Mochimochi Land show (running late May to late June) at Everyday Mooonday, a gallery in Seoul dedicated to character art.

Why gnomes? Gnomes are big players in Mochimochi Land—some even say that they’re the glue that holds Mochimochi Land together. And while gnomes are familiar characters to us in the West, they’re relatively unknown in Asia, so we want to introduce the idea of the gnome, which to us represents tradition, mystery, and playfulness. (Just like knitting!)

How you can participate:
• Knit or crochet or needle felt ANY gnome (see pattern links below) under 4” (10cm) tall
• Mail your gnome(s) to: Mochimochi Land [address hidden]
NOTE: Your gnome(s) MUST arrive by April 21st, 2015. Gnomes that arrive after this date may not be included in the project and will not be returned.
• If you’re in the Chicagoland area, stop by the Gnome Creation Station at YarnCon (April 18-19, 2015) – patterns, needles, yarn and stuffing will be provided!

Please Gnote: Your Gnome will not be returned to you, so be sure you have said a proper goodbye before sending him on his journey!

Gnome-approved patterns:
• Tiny gnome from Tiny Mochis Collection 3 (Pattern also appears in the Tiny Gnome Kit and Teeny Tiny Mochimochi) Get $3 off the pattern collection with code GNOMEDIPLOMACY through April 15th
Crochet Amigurumi Gnome (free)
Knitted Pocket Gnome (free)
Knitted Traveling Gnome (free)
Simply a Gnome (free)

There’s a prize!
Each gnome mailed in will be entered in a grand prize drawing for a “box of fun” from Seoul! (Please enclose your email address in the package to be entered.)

Check back for more information about the show and inside peeks at the preparation for it!

25 thoughts on “Project Gnome Diplomacy

  1. Sounds like fun. Got one done tonight. :) Will be fun to be part of this project.

  2. How awesome! Love Mochimochi Land and haven’t made a gnome yet – now I have a great reason.

  3. I currently have 8 gnomes in a little stack on my coffee table. This is worrying because I knit 15. My cat has been slowly sneaking off with them, carrying them into dark corners by their beards to chew on. They’d probably be safer in Korea so I’ll bundle them up and send them from the UK :D

  4. And how can I say no to a group knit of the cutest variety. Love to be part of this endeavor!

  5. It’s awesome to hear from some of you that you’re into this!

    Laurel, thank you for the additional pattern! I’ve just added it to the recommended list.

  6. I am leaving for Seoul in 2 weeks and will be there till late June. Looking forward to seeing your show in another country!

  7. Waaaa –
    I’m leaving Korea next week! And I never got a chance to see your other art show because I got the information with the gallery and the popup shop (which I hate to say was really underwhelming) mixed up.

    Sigh, I’ll have to work on a gnome to represent my new job in Malaysia. Fighting!

  8. Thank you to everyone who has sent gnomes, and an advance thank-you to everyone who is still planning to do so! It’s been so exciting to have the first gnomes arrive.

    Ashley—sorry we’ll miss each other, but that’s congrats on your new job in Malaysia!

    Carly—that’s awesome that you’ll be in Seoul. See you there!

  9. My little gang of four left here in yesterday’s mail, so you should have them by the end of the week. Please let us know how many diplomats you receive. This is such a fun project.

  10. I’ve made three so far, but due to loving to knit Tinies, I have enough KP Palette and sock yarn scraps to knit a ton!

  11. I am going to make a slight twist on the gnome pattern to add mine to the collection…

  12. I will be going to VK Live in Pasadena on 4/18. Can I give you gnomes when I see you there or do you prefer I mail them to Chicago?

  13. I just mailed two little gnomes to you this afternoon! I hope they arrive okay.

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