Adventures in Mochimochi Land: Official Trailer

I’m excited to share an official trailer for my new book, Adventures in Mochimochi Land!

So that’s a little taste of the fun that’s coming June 9th. You can also read a preview of the first story in the book here.

Adventures in Mochimochi Land is coming out June 9th! It’s now available for preorder from Amazon, from Barnes & Noble, and from Powells, among other places. Signed copies are also available for preorder from me in the Mochimochi Shop. Or if you have a local bookstore or yarn store that you support, please ask them if they’ll carry it!

Thanks to Maureen Boyle for putting the trailer together!

6 thoughts on “Adventures in Mochimochi Land: Official Trailer

  1. Congrats! Such a cute video.

    I’ve been a fan of Mochimochiland for a while -both the patterns, and the wonderful whimsical world you’ve created. I live in Germany these days and was so delighted the other day, browsing my local bookstore, to see a German version of Knitting Mochimochi on the display table.

    Can’t wait for your Adventures Book

  2. Thank you, Annri! It’s nice to hear you’re looking forward to this one. It was way more work than my other books, so I’m really hopeful that people will enjoy it.

    Mariette—haha, yes! The flamingo got turned into a Rainbobird, is why that guy was a “reject” (but I’m keeping him around and he will surely get his moment in the spotlight).

    Alexis—that’s so cool you spotted the German version of my book! Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Anna, this is so awesome!!! My granddaughters are likely to ask me to knit them the entire book!!!You have been providing the best medicine the past two weeks. You are genius!!!!

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