Photos from The Gnome Genome Project

Well, the big trip to Seoul happened like a blur last week, and we’ve been back in Chicago for a couple of days already, trying to recover from jet lag. (It’s really hard!)

I can’t express just how amazing our week was. Most of our time was spent setting up the exhibition at Everyday Mooonday. The welcome that they gave the show was just incredible!


This was by far the most complex show that I’ve done, with four rooms to fill with gnomes displayed every which way.





I also set up the Mochimochi Land tabletop display (a bigger version than I’ve done at recent Vogue Knitting LIVEs), which took a good 15 hours or so to arrange and stitch together.


John was a big help throughout—he managed to mount 81 tiny gnomes to the wall in perfect circles!


A few more photos from the show, including pics of your gnome diplomats on display, after the jump!








I wanted to make sure that all your awesome little gnome diplomats had a spotlight of their own, so we gave them an entire room to take over!





I’m sure you guys haven’t forgotten that we’re giving away a “box of fun” to one person who contributed to Project Gnome Diplomacy—I’ll announce the prize and the winner here soon.

We had a really nice turnout at the opening Saturday night, helped by generous slices of rainbow cake that was sponsored by a local baker! I got to meet so many cool character artists living in Seoul, among them one of my personal heroes, Yomsnil.








My deepest gratitude to everyone at Everyday Mooonday for making my gnome dreams come true with this show. And big thanks to everyone in Seoul who came out for it! Thanks also go to Lion Brand for the yarn support for those giant gnomes, and of course to everyone who contributed to Project Gnome Diplomacy. The show will be up through June 22nd, so if you or someone you know can make it in person, I hope you’ll check it out!

We had a little time to explore the city of Seoul once the work for the show was done—I’ll share pics from our other adventures soon too.

7 thoughts on “Photos from The Gnome Genome Project

  1. Wow, not intentional in the least, except maybe subconsciously. Maybe that’s even better though!

  2. It all looks so amazing! Everything you made is so great! All the different ways to use the gnomes, I am in awe of your creativeness. And the fuzzy animal the gnomes are riding is so cute! Congrats on the opening!

  3. I love all the different shaped gnomes you have displayed. I wish I could afford to travel to see the show because it looks awesome. At least I’m there in spirit with my gnome diplomat.

  4. How exciting! I wish I could have gone to see it in person. Congratulations on all of your success and adventures!

  5. Do you have/are you planning to release a pattern for the giant fuzzy guy the gnomes are riding in the tenth picture down? I love him!

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