The Gnome Genome Project

Finally, all the gnome diplomats that you guys made, plus two giant gnomes, plus lots more gnome-y knits, have cleared customs, and I can announce this show officially!


The Gnome Genome Project opens Saturday, May 23rd at Everyday Mooonday in Seoul. Anyone who happens to read this from somewhere in or near Seoul, I do hope you can join us at the reception Saturday night!

Here’s the introduction I put together for this show, which should give a fuller picture of what the whole thing is about.

The Gnome Genome Project
Mochimochi Land

In Mochimochi Land, it is commonly believed that gnomes are the glue that holds the universe together, from the subatomic to the cosmic level. Gnomes (sometimes spelled knomes) are neither male nor female, and once mature, they are ageless. To those who live in Mochimochi Land, they represent wisdom, tradition, mischief, and magic. These are properties that they share with the craft of knitting.

In our world, gnomes are generally associated with northern European folklore, but they appear in many stories from various cultures, where they take on all manner of personalities, from good to evil. In Mochimochi Land, gnomes are neither good nor evil, gnomes just are. They’re busy, weird, playful, and quick to love or fight.

This exhibition is a celebration of gnomes to an almost obsessive degree. It also asks: What do gnomes do when no one is looking at them? How much can a gnome be twisted, morphed, or given a costume change before it’s no longer a gnome? What do we see of ourselves in the gnomes that we make? Is there such a thing as too many gnomes? Where the heck will all of these gnomes end up? It may all just be a big silly joke in the end, but for now it’s time to go gnome or go home!

Anna Hrachovec
Mochimochi Land

I’ll be sharing plenty of images from the show here once it’s up, but if you’d like to see the pieces available for sale as early as possible, please sign up for my art newsletter.

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  1. How long will the reception be? My friend gets out of work at 7 and wouldn’t be able there till later.

  2. Hm, we haven’t discussed an end time for the reception, Carly, but I think it would go until 10 or so. I’ll try to get a better idea before Saturday and let you know!

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