Last Word Feature in Let’s Knit

Update: Congrats to Kim for winning the Bumble Bee Beanie kit giveaway!

Let’s Knit, the UK knitting magazine, has a one-page feature on me for their back page in the July 2015 issue!


I’m talking about how I first learned to knit, how Mochimochi Land got started, and about my new book.

Thank you to Molly at Let’s Knit for the nice feature!

One of the cool things about this magazine is that it always comes with a little gift. So with my copy I received a kit for a knitted baby Bumble Bee Beanie. Would you like to have it? Leave a comment saying why, and I’ll pick someone to give it to next week!


9 thoughts on “Last Word Feature in Let’s Knit

  1. I have a great nephew arriving any day who would look absolutely adorable in that hat!

  2. Congratulations for being published again! I’m always looking for new patterns for baby hats and toys! I make them for a local charity, Scotty’s House. :-)

  3. I would love to have that kit! Hats are my second favorite knitting project (after toys, of coarse). I don’t know who to make it for, but there always seems to be a new baby in my extended family!

  4. This hat is SOOOO cute! I love that the general knitting media is paying attention to you.

  5. I have several friends expecting babies in the next month or so. This would make a wonderful gift!

  6. I had a huge collection of bee related stuff when I was little, and am currently sitting in my bee onesie as I type this, and with our first baby on the way, this would be awesome for them and me!

  7. I’d love to make this for my niece’s baby. She is doing her residency now in a family practice / obstetrics practice and recently delivered five babies in one day — while being a new mom!

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