Project Gnome Diplomacy Update

Update to this update: Diny at Everyday Mooonday sent me these photos of the gnomes on their diplomatic mission—some are being given away with cafe orders, and others are being mailed out to friends of the gallery!



Time for an update on your tiny gnome diplomats!

The show at Seoul’s Everyday Mooonday gallery has now come down. I’m told that there were many visitors for the month that it was up, including plenty of cute kids.


Now the diplomats are ready to go on their official mission! Diny, the director at Everyday Mooonday, tells me that they’ve started giving them away through the gallery’s cafe. Each one comes with a little tag like this:


This one reads, “Hello I’m a gnome. Happy to meet you.”

There are several different requests on the tags, including:

“Please give me to a stranger.”

“Please give me to someone you meet today.”

“Please give me to someone who looks like they’re celebrating something!”

“Please give me to someone you really love.”

“Please give me someone who looks sad.”

“Please give me someone who says hello to you today for the first time!”

So with the help of the people who visit the gallery, your 333 little gnomes will spread smiles all over the city of Seoul—and probably beyond!

You can learn more about how this project got started here. Because of the great participation and the fun we’ve had, I’d love to do another similar project (whether with more gnome diplomats or something else) in the future!

5 thoughts on “Project Gnome Diplomacy Update

  1. this was a fun project to be involved in. i hope my gnome diplomats find a nice home.

  2. Nice to know on where all the gnomes are going. Hope they get passed around a lot!
    Looking forward to seeing your next project.

  3. How fun! It’s nice to know my Gnomes are out there somewhere, hopefully bringing a smile to someone’s day! :)

  4. Wish I had read about this project sooner! Would love to be a part of the next one! :)

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