Two Little Lions

Personal project time!


I now have two little lions done for our little lion on the way. I wanted to make them out of acrylic yarn so they’ll be extra baby proof, and I was also eager to get started, so I’m using colors that I had on hand (a Bernat yarn, I think) that also happen to work great for lions.

I’m planning to make six total, each with a different type of mane. With two down and about 10 weeks to go before baby, I think I’ll achieve my goal with time to spare! (Sometimes it’s nice not to be too ambitious—don’t ask me about baby sweaters!)

I was thinking about it last night, and this is actually the first personal knitting I’ve done in a long time, maybe in a couple of years. It’s so nice to feel motivated to knit something in my extracurricularly. I guess babies make people do strange things…

5 thoughts on “Two Little Lions

  1. I hope the pattern for the set of lions will be available some time after your son is born and things are getting back to normal. You are embarking on a wonderful journey. Enjoy every minute of it…even the sleepless nights and messy bits.

  2. OH, Anna, I’m SO excited for you! All these cute little projects make me even more impatient to have a family of my own someday!

  3. Love these! The lion on the left looks like the vet’s office cat (we just made a visit). It was a beige/yellow color, and had a total “lion” cut–big fluffy mane, and shaved body except for the tuft at the end of the tail. A pink and yellow mane (like yours) would have been perfect.

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