Crocheted Abode a la Mode Giveaway Winner

Thank you for sharing your mouth-watering creations, everyone! We got 55 comments on the post with Twinkie Chan’s interview. And our randomly-selected winner of Twinkie Chan’s new book, Crocheted Abode à la Mode, is…

Commenter number 55, Barbara!

I sewed a huge donut in the 8th grade. It was a giant pillow for my bedroom and it took bags and bags and bags of stuffing.

I love that this giant donut maker is our winner! I have a feeling that the book will not be wasted on Barbara.


Thank you to Twinkie Chan and to her publisher, Creative Publishing International, for making the giveaway possible. Now everyone who isn’t Barabara, go buy Crocheted Abode à la Mode!

2 thoughts on “Crocheted Abode a la Mode Giveaway Winner

  1. Yay! That is so fitting Barbara won! I already bought my book and I LOVE it! And it gave me an excuse to buy more yarn:D I’m so glad there are talented peeps like Anna and TwinkieChan to fill our lives with cuteness!

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