Announcing a Mochi Mod Contest

Update: Congratulations to the winners! (And thank you for more than 100 entries!)

Update: This contest is now closed for entries. Thank you for all the mods! I’m very excited by what we got. I’ll post the winners soon!

Update: Here’s the awesome rainbow of yarn that our top three winners will receive!

It seems like every week I’m pleasantly surprised by some cool new mod that someone has done with a Mochimochi Land pattern, ideas that make me say Why didn’t I think of that?? Your mods are so genius, I want to see more! So now I’m announcing the first ever Mochi Mod Contest, to get more mods out of you.


What is a mod? It’s short for modification, that thing that knitters do naturally when they’re making something using a pattern, and adding their personal twist that transforms the project into something different. It can be as simple as GnomeGranny’s Star Wars Chickens, or as complex as this stripy mustachioed Roary by Knittist24, or as monstrously cute as the Sully and Mike by Amanda that you see above.

Let’s get to the details!


This contest is open to knitters worldwide. To be eligible, your photo must contain at least one knitted toy made from a Mochimochi Land pattern. (This can be a pattern from the Mochimochi Shop, a pattern from one of the Mochimochi books by me, or one of the free patterns on the Mochimochi Blog.) The pattern SHOULD be modified in some way, but it should have been made with the basic instructions from a specific Mochimochi Land pattern.

We’re looking for originality in your mod—not necessarily the most professional-looking photo. We want everyone to enter!

How to enter

There are three ways to enter. Please choose just one, and submit no more than 6 photos.

1) Post your photo(s) on Instagram with the hashtag #mochimodcontest AND a note saying which Mochimochi Land pattern you based your mod on.

2) Post your photo(s) to the Mochimochi Land Facebook page with the hashtag #mochimodcontest AND a note saying which Mochimochi Land pattern you based your mod on.

3) Add your photo(s) to the Mochimochi Land Flickr group with the hashtag #mochimodcontest AND a caption saying which Mochimochi Land pattern you based your mod on.


The last day to enter the contest is July 5th, 2016. We’ll choose three winning mods shortly thereafter, plus one winner who will be chosen at random!


Each of our top three winners will receive a $20 Mochimochi Land gift card and a rainbow of yarn from the World’s Biggest Stash!

The randomly chosen winner will get a random surprise prize!

(Thanks to my mother-in-law, Bonney Teti, for diving into her stash for prizes!)

Image usage

Please note that any images submitted to this contest may be used by me for promotion of this contest or a future contest.

I can’t wait to see the mod madness!

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  1. Well, I really liked this yarn so I hope whoever wins it loves it as much as I do. The colors are so vibrant!

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