Behind the Scenes of Peak Alpaca

I have to say, Peak Alpaca is one of my favorite Mochimochi Land animations yet! (Well, they’re all my favorites, especially the ones made with Maureen.)

We’re always so busy on the set that I don’t remember to take too many photos of our work, but here’s a shot I thought to take of our setup for the mountain climbing scene.


All of the mountains were just pieces of knitted fabric draped over foam rubber.


Here’s one more set photo, for our long shot of the mountain.


There were a lot of tricky things about this animation, including getting the pacing right (slow is hard, we discovered) and the physics of things falling down a mountain. The apple bouncing at the end required a shot-by-shot diagram, and then plenty of Photoshop to erase the wires.


Peak Alpaca is the third in our tiny sheep trilogy. Also see Happy Baa-lentine’s Day and Funky Fleece!

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  1. It’s amazing to see behind the scenes when the finished product looks so seamless! This one is so cute!

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