Mod Contest Winners

You all really came through with fun modified mochis for our first ever Mochi Mod Contest!

The delay in announcing winners is partly because there were so many awesome entries and it was difficult to narrow them down! And also because it’s summer and we wanted to lie in the grass instead of sit in front of a computer. But mostly because there were just so many cool mods to choose from! We were exited to get more than ONE HUNDRED entries.

John and I decided to assign the entries to three categories and choose one from each category. Our winners are the mods that we judged to be the most creative and most unexpected.

Category 1: Most Transformative Mod
Winner: Rapunzel by fruit.snack.knits


As you can see, Rapunzel is a mod of the Neck Nuzzler pattern from Knitting Mochimochi! We love how the knitter turned the nuzzler on its head so that ears become legs, and the theme of longness shared by both characters is brilliant too. Super!

Category 2: Best Pop Culture Character Mod
Winner: The Lorax by Wooly Brain


How cool is this guy!! The eyes and wooly hair really make him, of course, but we were impressed to read in the caption that The Lorax is modified from the Tiny Alien pattern from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi, AND his tree stump is modified from the Plucky Mushrooms pattern from Knitting Mochimochi. Nicely done!

Category 3: Coolest Craziest Mod
Winner: Cupcake Crown by spiraling.into.madness


All hail the cupcake crown! The tiny cupcakes are from the pattern in Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi, with a modified massive cupcake to top it off. We love this ambitious wearable mod.

Each of our top three winners will receive a $20 Mochimochi Land gift card, a six-skein rainbow from Bonney Teti’s World’s Biggest Yarn Stash…


And a temporary tattoo and an itty-bitty unicorn!


I promised you a randomly selected winner too.

Category: Random Mod
MetroGnome: A Cover Band by KnittyKitty99


I think we all know what pattern these guys are modified from. Love their different rockstar personas!

KnittyKitty99 will receive this random prize.


Winners, I’m contacting you via the websites you submitted from.

Thank you to everyone who participated with their mods! I’ll be sharing more of the cool entries here soon. I think we should hold this contest again sometime, so be thinking about your next mochi mods!

7 thoughts on “Mod Contest Winners

  1. These are wonderful and incredible! Such imaginations and now I can’t wait to make a cupcake crown for myself!

  2. Thank you sooooo much for picking my Lorax mod! I ‘m so excited and happy! The prizes are wonderful : ) I hope everyone enjoyed entering as mush as I did. I enjoyed looking at every one of the entries and thinking how creative people are : )

  3. Oh my gosh! I know it was just random chance, but I literally screamed when I saw my Gnomes up on your site… thank you! All of the mods are so creative!

  4. Are there patterns for the violin and parrot? I’m quite new to this and understand this was a contest. I would love to be able to make those two for a dear friend of mine. Thank you.

    And the winners were great – but it seems the decision must have been difficult with all the wonderful entries.

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