Interview: Bonney Teti and her World’s Biggest Yarn Stash

Oh look—the deadline for entries in the 10th Annual Mochimochi Photo + Video Contest is one month away!

Among lots of other fabulous prizes, we’ve got a boatload of unusual books and kits from the World’s Biggest Yarn Stash for the winners. I thought it was about time to delve deeper into this stash, so let’s take a look inside!

A video interview was a new thing for me, so please forgive any awkwardness! I think the interview works well as a podcast, actually, but Bonney does show us around the stash, which contains way more than just yarn.

After we finished the interview, Bonney sent over some adorable photos of cats that she asked me to share.


These rescue cats are enjoying a cozy bed that Bonney made from her stash yarn. She’s definitely using the power of the stash for good, and not evil.

If you missed it, please check out my (written) interview with another of this year’s sponsors, designer SpillyJane! I also have an interview with Angela Tong coming up, so stay tuned for that too!

5 thoughts on “Interview: Bonney Teti and her World’s Biggest Yarn Stash

  1. Wonderful interview. I really enjoyed hearing about your experience with the sock machine, as well as learning about your stash. Thank you for the glimpse into your knitting and yarn.

  2. Great interview! I’m wondering what Bonnie was thinking the sock knitting machine would do for her. Her disappointment with it is very revealing about her relationship with people and how personal knitting is, but what was her original expectation?

  3. Hi Mark! I didn’t realize that using a machine would have such a disconnect. I sew all the time and feel very good about things I sew and bestow. When I’m knitting by hand I have lots of time to go over memories of someone and imagining them enjoying something I’ve knit. Even if I don’t really know how something will be received, it gives me a lot of pleasure during the process. Does that make sense? I thought I’d be making socks for EVERYONE with the machine.

  4. Hi Anna and Bonney, loved the interview. I am in awe of your family bond as in laws. All very supportive and encouraging of each other’s interests. Onya Bonney, don’t let what other negative nay sayers say about your stash…none of their business anyway. Well done Ladies! And thank you both.

  5. This interview was very sweet, I am totally in love with Bonney’s yarn stash, don’t ever feel bad about having your creative materials around you it’s necessary to have them. I am in awe of the beautiful sock yarns and colour zones of yarn areas.Thanks for sharing : )

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